Functional Medicine


The key to understanding what your symptoms or breakouts are trying to tell you and finding a permanent solution that works, is figuring out WHY?

The beauty of Functional medicine training is that by focusing on the root cause of chronic conditions instead of a symptoms-only approach, we can become better positioned in identifying the complexity of systems-based disease.

And achieve better clinical outcomes by educating, empowering and addressing our clients’  underlying cause(s) and needs.

It involves an appreciation and deep dive beyond food, lifestyle habits, symptoms, medication and supplements into key areas like:

  • your past, current and family health history
  • digestive health
  • detoxification routes
  • hormones,
  • inflammation
  • cellular health
  • and genetics

If appropriate, and necessary we use functional laboratory testing to assess optimal physiological and physical function in key body systems, to throw up clues like:

Comprehensive stool analysis; SIBO breath test; Dried urine testing for hormones; Salivary cortisol testing; Genetic tests; Functional blood analysis and reporting

If this sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, and you want to get results that are far reaching and long lasting, all you need to do now is go to the contact or booking page and we will start the process to get you booked in.






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