Functional Medicine

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE has many definitions but I recently came across this explanation by Dan Khalish, which I think nails it.

Functional Medicine is a ‘lab based system of analysis that relies primarily on natural health solutions”.

Let me break this down further for clarity.

We use specific lab work to determine the underlying problems and focus on natural therapeutics to not only deliver symptomatic relief but to restore the body to full health and vitality.

The labs often reveal the missing clues that have undermined a person’s full health for decades.

This could look like low grade GI inflammation from undetected infections or yeast overgrowth disturbing the fine balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria levels in the gut, and creating symptoms like gas, bloating, skin breakout and nutritional deficiencies. Heavy metal or mould toxicity affects brain health, fatigue and physical function and can be detected in urine lab work. DUTCH salivary hormone testing can reveal how cortisol levels or compromised detoxification pathways may be affecting sex hormone levels, fertility, moods, sexual function and so on.

The restorative prescription includes recommendations on diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, meditation and exercise, not exactly rocket science, you might conclude! 

The rocket fuel in Functional Medicine is the skill of proper lab analysis in developing specific and personalised health protocols based on results and a client’s complete health history, without setting limits on health and vitality by merely addressing symptomatic relief.

The meaning of “Functional” in the title of Functional Medicine is the both the process and outcome we’re aiming to deliver for you.

Since September 2020, I am delighted to be able to offer both my passions for Functional Medicine in skin health and beyond, on separate platforms.

Functional Medicine Brussels is a joint partnership with Maya Lombarts, a functionally trained Health Coach. Together, we know how to help you gain insight and achieve accelerated, long lasting results for your physical and mental health and overall sense of well-being, which we’ve seen feed into better relationships, increased performance in business and more balance in our clients work and home life.

You can have your cake (for want of another analogy) and eat it too!

If you want to know more, click on the link, Functional Medicine Brussels and get in touch with us now.