About me

My personal health led me to my career. I used to battle with a jippy stomach, recurrent ear infections, teenage acne, multiple allergies, months of explosive eczema on my face and hands and a couple of random outbreaks of peri-oral dermatitis. And guess what? no known cause! Once I started to immerse myself in the world of functional medicine, I made it my mission to invest all my time, money and effort to become an expert in my field and help others faced with similar frustrations.

and here’s a bit more about me if you’re curious:

  • I grew up in Ireland, daughter to the local butcher and a mother with a love for all things yellow, health and the finer things in life. My dad was a gentleman, sweet, kind and hard-working with a reputation for rearing the best grass-fed Angus cattle in the county-long before it was en vogue! My mother was his perfect companion – she could turn any sow’s ear into a silk purse! I guess I’m some version of the two of them!  
  • Before changing careers, I ran one of Europe’s best known Butchers at the time, hail from a family of them and have the art of trimming a rack of lamb down pat!
  • I’m a qualified clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath. I was hungry for something more scientific to compliment my training and discovered functional medicine – which I totally dig! 
  • As an integrative practitioner, your health and safety are my priorities. If you’ve got something acute going on that needs a doctor, then that’s where I’ll be sending you! 
  • I speak fluent french though choose not to work in it – specifically because I want to listen, observe and respond without being distracted by whether to use the passé composé or passé simple! 
  • My superpower in the kitchen is possibly transforming any mainstream recipe into a delicious, allergy-friendly version. And doing it in under 30 minutes!
  • I love what I do and always wanted to work in a career that helped people. I hesitated between studying Psychology and Criminology when I left school, opting for Psychology. Turns out we were studying statistics which I couldn’t hack, so I changed degrees. Finally, I’m happier doing what I do and watching the likes of detectives Luther and Gibson than trying to be them.  
  • My sister is a professional make-up artist, @ciaradoesmakeup, who works with some industry legends including Madonna and Cole Sprouse. Her cover-up skills were never more appreciated than when my eczema went wild fire! 
  • For the last year, I’ve been immersing myself in the field of personal growth and neurochemistry which has brought more ‘mind’ coaching and life changing results on both a personal and business level.