About me

Hey, I’m Gráinne.

If you can’t tell by the spelling of my name, I’m Irish.

I come from a place called Tipperary.

That’s right, it’s a long way…..especially as I now live in Brussels.

Let me first reassure you, you’ve come to the right place if you want to work with someone who’s been in your skin (figuratively speaking) and bought the cover up!

My father’s cancer diagnosis and my own personal health subconsciously led me to a career in clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

As far back as I can remember, I battled with IBS, recurrent ear infections, teenage acne, multiple allergies, hormonal imbalances, months of explosive eczema on my face and hands AND peri-oral dermatitis.

I never knew WHY? No one did!

No links were ever made, no hunches, no investigations!

I never had the skin I wanted (and frankly deserved, given my efforts) –  until I stopped treating the symptoms and looked at the root cause

By investigating what was triggering and driving my skin issues (my compromised digestive health, an over-burdened liver and some interesting gene variants) and starting there,

after 6 months of debilitating eczema flare ups on my face and hands, hiding indoors and feeling completely wiped out, I made the few, simple but necessary changes to my plate and within 6 weeks, my eczema was 85% better and I started to get my life back.

Having invested hundreds of hours in my training and researched what works, I know I can help you get past those painful breakouts and get you the skin you want. My 360 degree approach to skin has successfully helped countless people work out their root cause(s) and use mostly simple, food and lifestyle changes to get long lasting results.

I made it my mission a long time ago to become an expert in my field and help others faced with the same frustrations I had, get answers, because helping chronic and autoimmune sufferers achieve what took me so many years and lost time to figure out, is my driving force 

and here’s some more generalities about me – if you’re bored and curious:

  • I grew up in a small town, daughter to the local butcher and a mother with a love for all things yellow, health and the finer things in life. My dad was a gentleman, sweet, kind and hard-working with a reputation for rearing the best grass-fed Angus cattle in the county, long before it was en vogue! My mother was his perfect companion – she could turn any sow’s ear into a silk purse! I’d like to think, I’m some version of the two of them!  
  • Before changing careers, I ran one of Europe’s best known Butchers at the time, hail from a family of them and have the art of trimming a rack of lamb down pat!
  • I’m a qualified clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath. I was hungry for something more scientific to compliment my training and discovered functional medicine – which I totally dig! If you don’t know what this means, I’ve written a page all about it.  
  • As an integrative practitioner, your health and safety are my priorities. If you’ve got something acute going on that needs a doctor, then that’s where I’ll be sending you! 
  • I speak fluent french though choose not to work in it – specifically because I want to listen, observe and respond without being distracted by whether to use the passé composé or passé simple! 
  • My superpower in the kitchen is possibly transforming any mainstream recipe into a delicious, allergy-friendly version. And doing it in under 30 minutes!
  • I love what I do and always wanted to work in a career that helped people. I hesitated between studying Psychology and Criminology when I left school, opting for Psychology. Turns out we were studying statistics which I couldn’t hack, so I changed degrees. Finally, I’m happier doing what I do and watching the likes of detectives Luther and Gibson than trying to be them.  
  • My sister is a professional make-up artist, @ciaradoesmakeup, who works with some industry legends including Madonna, Gwendoline Christie and Cole Sprouse. Her cover-up skills were never more appreciated than when the eczema on my face went wild fire! 
  • I’m human, I sometimes like to eat what’s not ‘good’ for me too, the trick is doing the ground work first and then remembering the 80:20 rule
  • For the last year, I’ve been immersing myself in the fascinating field of personal growth and neurochemistry which has increased my awareness of how certain subconscious beliefs we all have, can undermine our conscious desire for better health and different outcomes.