Thanks again for your hard work with us. I know that my daughter has made more progress under your guidance than any other professional. We are also more confident of her ability to manage this now.


"The results following the treatment from Grainne was nothing short of miraculous. My six year old son has suffered with ear infections and nasal inflammation since he was two years old. Surgery, countless rounds of antibiotics and steroids only offered very short term relief. Grainne was through and sensitive in her consultation. She offered a plan that was very manageable and she has been supportive all the way through. My son has absolutely blossomed since we started our new eating plan and supplements, his symptoms have cleared and he is brighter and clearer in his thinking. Our whole family has benefited from this experience and we have Grainne to thank for this”


Grainne was recommended to me by a friend, whom I had not seen in a while. I was so amazed at how great she looked, I wanted the secret. After struggling with sleep issues, I am finally getting better quality sleep. I have lost weight and kept it off and developed greater awareness as to what I eat and drink. What I really appreciate in Grainne’s approach is her very personal and approachable manner; she really tries to find the most suitable options for you and your lifestyle. She is very positive and encouraging, and I really enjoy our monthly sessions, where I get ongoing guidance and advice. I certainly recommend her services!


Working with gráinne definitely helped me prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy second time round. I had complications with the pregnancy of my only other child, 10 years ago, which so far have not made an appearance with this one. My ob is pretty surprised and impressed with how well this pregnancy is going, especially considering my age (44). Even though I was already eating relatively healthily when we started working together, learning about and addressing my specific nutrient deficiencies, as well as supporting my microbiome and digestion must have contributed to me being able to support a strong, healthy, pregnancy so far. I am 16 weeks so far, but i already feel this pregnancy is different from that of my older child, and looking forward to a more positive, smoother ride through to labor, birth, breastfeeding and beyond!


I would like to thank you for the consultation Iast Thursday. It had a magic impact on me. Truly. It was very calming. You have a beautiful gift of authenticity, caring approach, competence and knowledge at the same time. One immediately trusts you and believe me, I have seen many people and food consultants and have always approached it with a bit of scepticism. I saw you at a crucial moment and it was so worth it. Pity I did not have this idea before but I am glad I finally contacted you.


"I came to see Grainne for pre conception care and found her very thorough in her approach to find a plan that worked for me. Since meeting with her I have taken a new attitude to cooking in a much healthier way and the results have been fantastic. Physically and mentally I feel great and have really enjoyed using all the simple creative suggestions Grainne made to sneak extra veg in my meals".


The first time I saw Grainne I was suffering from fatigue, allergies and a pair of jeans I could no longer fit into. I was amazed with how connected and engaged Grainne was throughout the consultation. I found out it wasn't more expensive or more time consuming to eat well, and also look after myself more through her help and guidance. Her relaxed and personalised approach has taught me not only about diet but about lifestyle. I really want to thank Grainne for her help and positive motivation and would encourage anyone to find out how they can improve themselves from within with her expert guidance and knowledge.


"I went for a consultation with Grainne after suffering with IBS for over 10 years which was impacting my work, social life and general wellbeing. With Grainne's advice and a simple plan my health and wellbeing has improved enormously. My gut s happy for the first time in over ten years! My symptoms have vanished and I'm now feeling healthy and inspired with her tips, recipes and ideas. I've even lost a little bit of extra weight that I've being trying to shift!”


"I first consulted Grainne with a persistent digestive issue that was making my life very uncomfortable. I'd tried treating it with conventional medicine for years with no improvement and I was at my wits end. I had a thorough and honest consultation with Grainne and she identified foods that, although labelled "healthy" (certain fruits etc) were probably at the root of the problem. She took into account my busy lifestyle (and laziness) when putting a plan together for me, and it was remarkably simple to implement her suggestions. My stomach issues, which id had for years, cleared up after only a couple of days. I now also understand what triggers it, and am able to make a considered and informed choices in what i eat. Grainne really opened my eyes to the direct relationship what I eat has on my body, so when i became pregnant she was at the top of my list of people to consult. After a healthy and active pregnancy she continued to help me once my son was born. Most importantly, her nutritional suggestions got me through an initial struggle with breastfeeding and milk supply, without which i think i would have given up. I will definitely be booking consultations with grainne in future to keep my family happy and well”